Visiting Faculty

R.K. Radhakrishnan

R.K. Radhakrishnan is Associate Editor, Frontline magazine, one of India’s most respected media institutions. He is adjunct faculty at the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai; visiting faculty at The Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health, and a contributor to the dialogues at India’s widely-respected think tank, The Hindu Centre for Politics and Public Policy.
He is a recipient of Mumbai Press Club’s prestigious RedInk Media Award 2017,and was a PANOS Media Fellow studying migrant labour issues and his focus is Indian blue collar migration to West Asia, 2017-18.
Radhakrishnan has written the introduction to a compilation of writings of Rising Kashmir Editor, ShujaatBhukhari, who was assassinated in Srinagar in July 2018. The book, Dirty War in Kashmir: The Frontline Reports of ShujaatBhukhari, was released in 2018. He has authored a chapter on the fate of blue collar workers returning from the GCC countries in a compilation of migrant worker experiences in ‘Uncertain Journeys,’ which was released in 2019.
He is a graduate from Calicut University’s department of Mass Communication, and completed his under-graduate degree in Physics from the same university.

Barbara Regeer
Dr. Barbara Regeer

Dr. Barbara Regeer is Assistant Professor at the Athena Institute, VU University Amsterdam. She has bachelor degrees in Physics and Philosophy and a masters degree in Science Dynamics. She has analysed and developed interfaces and interactions between science and society in various ways throughout her career.

She conducts her research on emerging innovative strategies for sustainable development. She has been involved in numerous (inter-) organisational change processes, with a specific focus on enhancing learning between all actors involved, in such areas as sustainability innovation programmes (agriculture, urban development, mobility), care farming, disability mainstreaming, youth care organisations, and psychiatric institutions. She has initiated the development of Translearning and other reflection tools such as the Dynamic Learning Agenda and Eye-opener workshops.

Dr. Rama Kashyap

Rama Kashyap has a PhD degree in Social Work from the University of Madras. She is currently the Head – Corporate Social Responsibility at India Cements and has earlier been engaged with international development agnecies including the Danish International Development Agency, United Nations Funds for Population and UN Team for Tsunami in areas of gender, and social equity. She was a Fulbright Scholar in Residence at the Department of International Development Programme Clark University, USA. She is a member of various academi councils and boards of studies (Madras School of Social Work, Stella Maris College, MOP Vaishnav college for Women and IIT Madras.

Ms. Ranjani Murthy

Ranjani K Murthy is an independent researcher based in Chennai whose areas of interest have been gender, poverty and health for the past two decades. Through her work with MYRADA (1984–88) and with Initiatives: Women in Development (IWID, 1991–94), as well as by conducting independent research, she has gathered grassroots knowledge along with experience in policy analysis, capacity building and impact assessment.

She has carried out policy and impact assessment studies with a focus on gender and poverty in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Moldova and Sudan (for UN organizations and for national and international bodies which fund NGOs), and has prepared a global literature review on reproductive health service accountability within health sector reforms (for the former Women’s Health Project, South Africa). Ms Ranjani Murthy was also a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex (1994).

Arjun Balakrishnan
Mr. Arjun Balakrishnan

Arjun Balakrishnan brings close to 15 years of multinational company experience with him. He has an MS degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of Texas and an MBA from Harvard Business School where he also served as the co-president of the South Asian Business Association (SABA). He has served in Holm Industries, a division of Standard Products Company (now Cooper Standard) and General Motors (GM) in the USA; and General Electric (GE), Matsushita Electric and Panasonic in India.

He recommended strategic directions for technology applications for rural development in collaboration with ‘MS Swaminathan Research Foundation / National Agro Foundation’ along with directions for building brand trust through corporate citizenship engagements in matters of national and cultural interest with organizations such as Kalakshetra (Chennai), Music Academy (Chennai), India International Center (Delhi) and the National Centre for Performing Arts (Mumbai). He is the founder of ‘Dharmic Solutions’, a startup to cater to an unmet need in both Industry and Society (both in India and abroad).