Administration and Management Teams

Dr. K. V. Kishore Kumar - Director

Dr. K.V. Kishore Kumar is the Director of The Banyan and BALM. Earlier, he was a Senior Psychiatrist at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences (NIMHANS) Bangalore, India, for 25 years, where he headed the Community Health services in the Dept. of Psychiatry. He has served as an Advisor to the Indian Government in developing a Policy for 'prevention of corporal punishment' and providing relief centres for the homeless. He has also advised the World Health Organization (WHO) on mental health services in Somalia.

He is actively involved in clinical practice and community care and works with homeless persons with mental illness in Government institutions. His areas of interest include community mental health services; training primary care doctors and general practitioners; Care of the Homeless with mental ill health; Life Skills for adolescents; Psychosocial issues of disasters; Psychosocial rehabilitation of the mentally ill in rural areas using local resources; Economics of mental health; Epidemiology of mental disorders; functioning and disablement among persons with schizophrenia. He has published research papers extensively in national and international journals.

Ms. Madhuri Menon - Dean

Ms. Madhuri Menon is the Dean of BALM. She has a Masters degree in Social Work from TISS and a Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning. During her corporate career spanning three decades, she has worked in various corporations such as Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, Sky Cell Communications, Birla AT&T, and IFMR Trust.

Mrs. Menon has been a Board member at BALM and The Banyan for 20 years and continues to serve on the Board of various other NGOs dealing with women, children and education. She has been a visiting faculty at various universities. Her primary research areas include gender and urbanization.

Dr. Lakshmi Ravikanth - Deputy Dean

Dr. Lakshmi Ravikanth has been involved with The Banyan right from its inception in 1993. She has worked closely with the Founders in establishing Care practices for the residents. She is a Psychological Counsellor with several decades of experience and has added immense value to The Banyan’s activities. She did her PhD in Clinical Psychology and a diploma in Counselling. She continues to be actively involved in The Banyan’s activities and teaches several papers in the MA courses at BALM.

Ms. Bhuvaneshwari - Assistant Director

Ms. Bhuvaneshwari (Bhuvana Ramalingam) has been a volunteer with The Banyan in its early years of growth. She has had a corporate career spanning 25 years and has worked with a variety of multinational companies. She worked with the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad and helped build its reputation as a premium Business School. She currently now pursues her passion for Counselling and working towards mental health solutions and spreading social awareness.

Ms. Jyothi - Reception Manager

Ms. Jyothi is one of the residents of The Banyan fully cared for and rehabilitated socially and professionally. Her cheerful smile and welcoming presence energises everyone at BALM. She manages the Reception efficiently, is the Time Keeper for BALM and takes care of visitors. She speaks Tamil, Hindi and English fluently. She is fondly called the "Keeper of Everything Important and Resident Omniscient Being".



Mr. T. Nagarajan - Librarian

Mr. Nagarajan has more than 15 years of work experience in library management in various educational institutions. His areas of interest are Library management, collection development, digitization and Digital Library.




Ms. Srividya - Library Assistant

Ms. Srividya is a resident of The Banyan and assists in the upkeep and maintenance of the BALM’s Library. Her quiet efficiency and polite firmness guide students and teachers alike to utilize the Library effectively. She has been a Hindi teacher for more than a deacde in the past and has completed an MA in English except for one paper. She has also successfully completed the Diploma in Community Mental Healthcare taught at BALM.



Chilli & Kulfi - Chief Cuddle Officers

Chilli & Kulfi are BALM’s pets who have the royal freedom to roam around, look pleadingly into your eyes and generally be available for hugs and kisses. They are fiercely protective of their rights and the welfare of the residents.