Life at BALM


BALM is located in, Kovalam, a resort town by the sea, approximately 30 km from Chennai. The location is scenic and away from the din and distraction of the metro. It is easily accessible by bus and taxi services.Googlemap

BALM is co-located with the ‘Clustered Group Home’ programme of The Banyan’s Inclusive Ecosystems vertical, with a vision to create not just an inclusive, dynamic learning environment for students but also one that is therapeutic and stimulates personal recovery for the residents.

Classrooms, the Library, Faculty offices and the Dean’s office are all located here.


Reasonably priced apartments are available within 5 – 10 km radius from BALM. Students usually share an apartment amongst themselves. BALM Administration staff can guide students and offer assistance when necessary.

Bus Services


BALM provides a bus service for students living nearby – Kelambakkam, Padur and … The bus picks up students and drops them back in the evening after class. Student passes can be collected at the Office after paying the fees.

The Bistro – a unique experiment in social integration

BALM has a cool Bistro which provides a simple Breakfast and Lunch every day. The Caterer provides coupons for each meal which need to be purchased at the beginning of the month. Additionally, a Café provides light snacks and beverages throughout the day.

What is unique and special about The Bistro is that it is a successful and live-action example of The Banyan’s efforts to integrate people who have recovered from mental illness with society, providing them opportunities for employment, meaningful interactions, dignity and self-worth. It is an experiential learning for students to observe first-hand, what holistic and humane care can deliver.

Atmanirbhar Store

The Store stocks stationery items and some light snacks. It also runs the Copy machine and printer/scanner for students. It is run by the NGO ‘….’ and is manned by Banyan’s residents – another example of The Banyan’s principles at work.

The Auditorium


BALM has an in house auditorium for holding events and talks by special visitors. The entire student group often gathers together for witnessing or conducting events.