Winter and Summer Institutes

The Banyan - BALM and Rutgers University have jointly initiated Winter and Summer Institutes in India focused on the social ecology of mental health. The courses are structured around examining how persons with severe mental illnesses can achieve recovery. Students will learn what personal recovery actually means within the context of a low income country. Following which, students will systematically unpack elements within the social ecology of these individuals either contribute to, or hamper, recovery. Examples of these elements include subjective experiences of illness and wellness at an intrapersonal level; urbanicity and rurality at the geographic level; social exclusion and loss of social capital, violence, poverty, stigma, the intersections of class and caste, homelessness, and other structural barriers to recovery at the societal level; and health and human services policies at the governmental level.

This is a field-based course. Hence, the pedagogy will be principally experiential, marked by immersion in the field, the discovery of learning opportunities, followed by collective debrief and discussion of assigned readings as applicable to individual field experiences. The first winter institute will take place between January 3rd and 13th.

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