Learn To Heal Your Mind
17 Jun, 2019 to 30 Jun, 2019
Open Dialogue
23 Jan, 2019 to 05 Jul, 2019

Open Dialogue is a world-renowned treatment approach developed in Torino, Finland 30 years ago. Developed initially as a combination of family therapy and psychotherapy, it is now being used in hospitals, community healthcare settings, schools, offices and even in government setups. It has proven effective in reducing hospitalization by up to 90% and has brought in a path-breaking, non-directive philosophy to therapy and notions of ill health. BALM, as a result of earlier collaborations with Trieste Mental Health Program (a WHO Collaborating Centre), approached one of its senior psychiatrists to run a diploma on Open Dialogue in BALM, the first of its kind in India. Two training sessions have been completed for the first batch so far, and two more will be conducted in the months of May and July. 11 mental health professionals will graduate as practitioners in July, amongst whom a select few will be chosen for a two-year advanced training program.

Anthropological Perspectives in Global Health
09 Jan, 2019 to 14 Jan, 2019

Prof. Deborah Padgett from McSilver Poverty Institute in New York University conducted a 5-day course 60 students and mental health professionals from BALM and The Banyan in January 2019. Sessions revolved around themes of ontological security, homelessness, access to health care and structural violence.

Community Inclusion
04 Jan, 2019 to 06 Jan, 2019

Prof. Mark Salzer from Temple University conducted a 3-day certificate course on community inclusion in January 2019. 70 Students from BALM and mental health professionals participated in this course, which included themes on employment, recreation, integrated care practices and their impact on physical and mental wellbeing of persons in psychosocial distress.

Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Buddhist Psychology
27 Oct, 2018 to 15 Mar, 2019

This post-graduate diploma course introduced the theory and practice of Buddhist Psychology through the Nalanda tradition of intellectual understanding, contemplation and action. Two retreats and two contact classes have been completed to this end, with 40 participants from all over the country.

Diploma in Cognitive Analytical Therapy
13 Sep, 2018 to 30 Sep, 2018

A certificate course on Cognitive Analytical Therapy was offered at BALM in the month of September 2018 in collaboration with the International Cognitive Analytical Therapy Association. Trainers from India and the UK conducted a 2-week program with 15 mental health professionals from The Banyan on CAT theories, challenges and implications for practice.

Vocational Skills Certificate Course
01 Feb, 2017 to 31 Mar, 2017

Ms. Pallavi Naidu, Dr. Lakshmi R. and Mr. Ramesh are coordinating this with TISS for residents, clients and care givers.

CBT and REBT Workshop
01 Jan, 2017 to 31 Jan, 2017

CBT and REBT Workshop (Jan. 2017), Trainer: Mr. Veerapandian

SOLVE Workshop
01 Dec, 2016 to 31 Dec, 2016

It is designed by International Labour Organisation (ILO) to promote and protect employees’ health against an array of psychosocial problems emanating from work and the outside milieu combining economic and social objectives in a globalised economy. Specific knowledge, skills necessary to be able to integrate an action plan frame policies, understand and address psycho-social issues specific to the Indian context is the aim of this course. Workplaces include health, hospitality & educational institutions, GO and NGO’s, industries/corporates and community-based organisations.